Laurie Anderson's: Home of the Brave
91 minutes : LA_HOTB (MWEv1.0) DVD
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Source was a brand new (1995) Laserdisc
- Four separate transfers blended together
  (reduces random video noise)
- IVTC'd to original(24fps/film) framerate
  (23.976fps w/ pulldown-on-playback flags)
- levels adjustment (fixed black level)
- de-saturation (~20%)
- subtle temporal & intraframe noise reduction
- 2pass VBR MPEG encoding (2100/5700/7900)
- 1.66:1 letterboxed (4:3 format)

- Dolby(AC3)Digital (@ max bitrate)
- The two(2) original channels (raw/untouched)
- flagged to (auto-)de-code "as" surround sound

- MPEG-1 Layer-II (@ max bitrate)
- Should be decoded as Dolby Surround
- "Gentle" noise reduction (using a "noise print")
- approximately 3 dBs of (high-quality) compression

- Enable for fancy "song" titles

- A copy of the Laserdisc was purchased and then
transferred to DVD for personal use only! Copyright
laws recognize an exception (fair use) in regards
to space-shifting or format-shifting!

- All VHS copies are recorded in MONO!
- The laserdisc contains "Dolby Surround" audio
  recorded on the digital audio track of the disc.
- The chapter breaks may be (up to) a few seconds
  different than the breaks on the laserdisc.
- The photo on the case is NOT from HOTB.
- 90m + 48s => 91 minutes

- Laurie, why this sky?