the Usual  3.17
Monkeys play games for Cyberkinetics.
Qigong  3.11
The images, words, audio, and thoughts are all from one specific personal moment in time. Popular opinion is that I shouldn't waste my time, but since I'm indifferent now, it made an interesting concept.
the Sky  3.3
is blue and righteous in every direction.
streaming Light  3.2
When you can't close your eyes : looking through people : accepting their behavior. When empty things you eliminate begin to reach the line. Tracing reasons and goals back around, over and under, and finally out. No longer accepting the value in things : their source exposed. Fitful searching : closed mouth, with eyes dried out and blurry. When you see everything for what it is : for where it comes from : for why it's passing through. If we give the value to objects and ideas, what if we see past that bestowed value? Just sugar. Just paint. Just motion. Just electricity. Just stuff. A pair of week old jeans sitting on the corner, watching the world pass by. Moments of effort come and go, blindly.
superior bioCompatibility  3.1
I got tired of my Gauntlet before you even heard of the company. Beyond bolts in my leg, now I've got a gold tooth in my head.
think again  2.28
Did you think camera repairs would prevent Cupid Photos?
allo Ian  2.25
And now the wheels of heaven stop, you feel the devil's riding crop : Get ready for the future, it is murder.
fly button zip  2.21
Well, your mileage may vary.
on them things like evary day  2.16
Camera on loan, tiny traveling books, new mystery bands on CDR, jeans on low heat, color train route maps printed out black and white, I thought twenty four hours didn't leave time to buy a ticket.
oh well  2.13
Servlets may be overkill. Meanwhile, something simple. The Lion and the Pimp.
with that mocking grace  2.9
Why fool around? MVC style Apache Struts for the Abraham Link-In app should catch me up. Lots of caffeinated perusing and download install maneuvers. Possible warm ups attempts.
Sign O' The Times  2.5
(Chocolate) starfish and (vanilla) coffee for breakfast, and I can hear the song in my head. Craigs has temps for perusal.
Jail Epiphany  2.3
A role model that ends up in jail is no role model. First West tried to backpedal over his mistakes, Kimble went broke over his music video lifestyle, and now the people within arm's reach fail close inspections. What's a boy to do?
male man  1.31
Not dead LCD screens nor ISPs, not sick mothers nor sick fathers, not vanishing jobs, frozen rain, tax laws, fever, vomit, or rats. I deliver January photos.
Nostalgia  1.26
Say what you will, city of angels, follow the light, GAF, look it up.
walking to work  1.21
Ding dong, radio phone line is still dead, the camera is somewhere in Illinois, and my attempted credit class remains a mystery. I just won a design contest tShirt and you didn't.
tommorrow kidz  1.16
m9ndfukc versus Murat : deyBejuk8tud n Stuph.
antiquity rubble  1.14
Though EBN disbanded, their spirit is strong.
S-11 Redux : (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse
Cleaning House  1.14
Some of you may prefer Mac box furniture : I haven't finalized my chrome plated message : all my friends drive'a lo'rider : don't forget to email your mother : lighten up with some impolite comics.
Isao Shimoyama  1.11
If I had time, I'm mention things like the roach robot.
failure eighty three  1.5
I so don't want to use cross browser rigging, NS62 in Quirky mode , scrapping all the XHTML efforts : oh well, no time when Empty; I suck.
off!DOCTYPE : 3L33T  1.4
XHTML transitional is disabled, popup menus work to spite Netscape Six, but Opera5 and NS47 are broken; Boo Hoo. Year 2002 didn't break my XSLT stuff; I rool.
what are things?  1.4
Raw links to S30 and anhedonia for Google.
senosketch  12.31
More than once implies a pattern : some december photos.
Kakao : 33% mindestens  12.26
Triple shot mocha grande chasing antihistamines, FDA unapproved speedball. My train is on track, but not Italian, aggravatingly behind schedule, no indication of what lies out of view. Spend your hours doing things that require you to actively remember to open your eyes, remember to eat, remember that you needed to be somewhere. Don't waste your time. Perugina, Ritter Sport, Baur, Lazzaroni, Ghirardelli, Godiva.
Carrots under water  12.21
What of the rabbits that run up the tree? no warning : no hesitation. why run, why even walk? Thick sheets of plastic floating down, pockets of air and patches of translucence, short shallow breathing.

Skin pounding out of sync with the thumping in my head, focus requiring effort to maintain. No more streams of light behind the furnace plate. sudden awareness of gravity. salt-less waters. the effort to point, to turn, to even remember. Mechanical longevity. Cognitive decline. Trees and rocks and water drops.
soy lecithin : an emulsifier  12.20
Butter biscuits covered by chocolate : bitter sweet, box of foreign words, product of. Why does the last seem less than the first? What of the next box when you remember the previous? the last several boxes? when you remember the final cookie. now the cookie just before the last becomes tainted. one previous, one more, another, half, more, everything. you know : deconstruct : see the pattern.

What of this pattern as it grows, and encroaches not only on your tasty treats, but your thinking? people, things, actions, re-actions. consuming the energy of newness, mystery. When you see through things jumping in front of you? another and another : your Flow contracting : smaller smaller windows : closing. Grow tired of ignoring, distraction, entertainment. people, things happen, credits. problems, learning, resolution. another day vs. gravity vs. faith vs. silence.
actually it's not like faith,  12.15
if you're bored with it already, that's your right, but I hope you aren't. if you're trying to protect yourself, that's fair, but I wish you wouldn't. this time I'm not going to do that. for me it's worth it.
Schedule  12.9
updates sent to me at two AM Saturday for a project due Monday morning vs. a raspberry napoleon from the German bakery with the accordion player who had everyone clinking jingle bells on their water glass ... sort laundry into color piles vs. write a robot that sorts email/spam based on blackhole hosts/lookups ... convert TABLEs to DIVs vs. take pictures of shiny thigh high boots ... bowl with interesting strangers vs. catch up on sleep.
thunder only happens  11.30
Enjoy my leftovers for this month.
hungry?  11.19
Get a taste for religion : Lick a witch
Deceiver deceived us  11.15
The same thing hundreds of times over and over. Some significant percentage of my life gone. With my eyes closed in total darkness half asleep already. Energy sold for less than it should. What is new that will not soon be old? Why then? Nothing pulling me. Nothing pushing me. Drift across waves of false busy created by others. Adversity parlayed into accomplishment. Daydreams held up in the sunlight for others to look through. Zurich for three nineteen round. One new Jersey : two new Jersey : three best Buy.
Effective number of pixels  11.11
More wasted money : auto exposure bracketing with aperture or shutter priority : 2.5 fps for fast and noise reduction for slow : lithium-ion and programmable startup sound : 2nd-day air.
RedirectMatch 301  11.5
Adjusted XSL templates to support subdirectories. Adjusted hosting for new domains. Adjusted away from municipal bonds.

<xsl:param name="path2baseDir" />
already on the other side  10.30
Florian was the last to go : photos : more photos : even more photos : I've been told.
I count the summers  10.26
Portland plus pneumatics. Drunk visitors, desperate cab drivers, good speakers and bad speakers. Buying cups, critters, and circuit boards for my backyard tommorow night.
direct the drummers  10.21
Since Beth was afraid to fly this weekend, I went to bed with my front door wide open. Holding my horn down behind a truck is more dangerous than opening junkmail. Mysterious noises made it difficult to go fall asleep, but apparently, no one tried to steal my chocolate.

ancient Jayne : modern Jayne
Time moves in numbers  10.17
Too study : For skin : Six style
Brenda Angiel  10.13
Cirque du Peter Pan : bungee cord Jazz : boys and girls dancing in air.
Reach their origin and cease to be  10.12
Motorbike, neighbor, timing belt, Greenville, Magneeto, version 18, (mt), Netsol, REX, Kansas, and the tree with short roots.
Always up the hallways,  10.10
People don't know what they want. They go through life clueless and afraid, therefore do not take responsibility of any sort for their actions or decisions. The things people do.. I swear.. You just shake your head, and go on with your life- trying your best not to be like them..
Sit back and let it happen  10.4
cmart : LazyHostage : DarkCloset : Xanax : theJMprojects : Skam
Let us take your time away  9.30
The photographers with the fancy agent threw a party. Don't snicker at the trained Pomeranians. Forget waiting two hours for a tarot card reading. Ignore the over salted pretzels. Behold the topless girl on stilts fitting into a porta potty. I was concerned about the general lack of clowns, until I noticed a group having fajitas for lunch today.
Dreamed of ringing voices  9.24
My brains stops spinning, locks up on just one thing, and I pause. Remembering how the number feels in the dark. Hoping to hear your voice, half aware that I'm on the other side. Through the air, through the walls, past the fuzzy gray. Small steps backward, outside, irrelevant.
Three Thirty  9.10
Airbrushing masks onto layers, fading one image into another. Milk and cookies don't keep me up, someone's digital face does.
You Haul  9.9
From a Windows box in Atlanta onto a Linux box in Los Angeles. Added links. Cleared away obsolete JavaScript.
Lost and Found  9.7
Truth is more than just telling a lie.
Life is more than the failure to die.
And down for you is up  8.30
From living chips ... to dead kids.
I Luv Fedz  8.26
Glocks, suburbans, and college degrees. Brian West has become a statistic for the Computer Analysis Response Team.
Now We Are Six  8.23
These are my two drops of rain : Waiting on the window-pane.
I am waiting here to see : Which the winning one will be.
Both of them have different names. : One is John and one is James.
All the best and all the worst : Comes from which of them is first.
Complex  8.21
I haven't really been paying close attention, but apparently the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a new connection standard for digital video streams. (Similar to FireWire/IEEE1394) HDCP encrypts video streams flowing over DVI between set top boxes, computers, HDTVs, digital video recorders, and fancy flat screen displays. A number of mega corporations have already adopted this technology/standard, wasted money implementing it, and are now selling you products that use it. It's as useless as DVD encryption, but it's illegal for anyone to tell you.
the Bay VS the Island  8.20
Shorter buildings. Less random supermodels. More sunshine. More hills. More color. More motorcycles on sidewalks. Will verify in ten days.
Before the Alarm Went Off  8.16
Pounding heart when I opened my eyes. Can't tell me not to be nervous. Not to be so serious. Potentially the only reason. Breathe in, breathe out.
E4T the rich  8.15
The : unAmerican : Elite : Difference : Quick : Dead : Invisible
En why sea is Gee oh dee  8.12
Develop Industrial : Destroy Rock City : Volume One
Fast Asleep  8.10
suddenly staring, unable to sleep. five ay em here means three ay em there means I don't know. make me crazy to tears and I don't know what to do. such power revisited.
Prospective Immigrants Please Note  8.9
Either you will go through this door or you will not go through. If you go through there is always risk of remembering your name. Things look at you doubly and you must look back and let them happen.
rather  8.6
damp soft fruit-flavored
laying next to you waiting for it to dry.
Mister Floor  8.5
Everything else goes away. Driven to visit : driven away. A different place with a different texture. Always below with the same simple purpose. You can never go past just one thing. Replacements instantly formed beneath. Silent spirals : round and round we go.

Is it wrong to become comfortable? To know the story or to expect the twist? Don't feed the animals, don't look down. Please remain calm, don't stop moving.

Empty hands. Weightless fragile glass ornaments, with no hooks, no string, no trees. The grass has no taste on either side, and there are no instructions on the fence. Dragging my fingers across the surface.
lonely room  8.4
I remember Swimming.
shoot me  8.3
What gives humans access to the symbolic domain of value and meaning is the fact that we die.
R Debray
you want fries?  7.31
Step 1 : Write Netscape.
Step 2 : Open nightclub.

BiggerHand is older than I.
unfairly delayed by distance  7.29
Eventually we will grow tired, and step past our pretense. Turn and stand and stare. Wired differently, but thinking the same. Percentage. Grey enough to embrace flaws. I know more than I should, and am unable to empty my mind.

Discontent with my memory : fragments selected by someone else. White fabric squares serving no purpose. Black on black on brown and white. The smell of red. Sounds.
Silent  7.26
Their mouth just keeps moving :   nod my understanding :   almost half smile :   focus just slightly past them.   I didn't hear any of it.
Unload  7.25
Where did everyone go? and why? Billboard liberation is now part of the problem. Peggy lives in the white building opposite the park. There are so many books and so little time.
first derivative of displacement  7.23
We still have not found a fundamental limit for making silicon transistors smaller ... The pace of silicon development is accelerating, not decelerating.
Robert S. Chau
Delta Air Lines  7.22

Forty nine hours.
Free  7.15
Valet park for coffee and cheesecake. Build ice blocks in your freezer. Test drive cars without intending to buy. Use spray paint in the middle of your living room. Don't get the shower curtain everyone wants you to get. Drive slowly and wave. Put orange flames on the sides of your monitor. Be true without feeling guilty or wrong. No expectations.

I don't know what I'm doing, but do it anyway.
Power  7.9
Every motion a crafted effort to obtain power. Futile attempts to steer the boat : Self abuse granting false control : Molding my hollow impression : Quantify the risk of each breath. Without making a sound, it's gone away.

you can destroy me
Deoxycholic Acid  7.8
We are shrinking the world's food supply for one reason: The hundreds of millions of people who go hungry cannot create a sufficient "market demand" for the fruits of the Earth. So more and more of it flows into the mouths of livestock, which convert it into what the better-off can afford. Corn becomes filet mignon. Sardines become salmon.
Meat is your friend.
Arrangements of One  7.6
Kick your speakers : adjust your volume : The one armed man.
bright pink and blue ball  7.4
Aimlessly floating : forward movement driven by inertia : content to drift in the noise. Think. think. think. drift. Repeat tomorrow like today. Again. and again. Tethered by habit. Keep your water away from my pile of sand. Hobby of the month. Books to feed my gremlin. Foods I thought not possible. Sounds that make me smile. Moments that close my eyes.

Buy no toys : Waste no movement : Tell no lies : Spare no soul. Amused by the extreme, always pushing towards the unknown goal.

The unshared moments are lost. My unread words were fading. So many stories : questions : ideas. Intimidation. No degrees to hide behind. No perfections to sell you. Older. Different. Content to linger in the dark. Enjoying the possibilities.
On The Cusp  7.3
Furthermore, we are leaving behind the relatively flat stretch of IT's exponential curve. We are beginning to climb the wall towards almost vertical ascent -- a period where each wave of change comes more quickly than the one before.
Taking Advantage of Technological Acceleration
Tombstone Hand  6.28
MIT made announcements, but ArsDigita University already sells knowledge for free. Read objections against user requirements analysis and other articles. The Communication Research Institute has papers to read. Elegant HACK explains how to merge IA with UE.
a valuable member of society  6.27
I promise : Beaterz is the same as tonymobile : She is forever online : Zelda The Legend continues.
Do I amuse you?  6.25
Not to be left out of life's big joy, I bought some film and snuck my neighbors camera through airport security. The pictures are online for your amusement. There were no witnesses.
Slight Sunburn  6.21

I'm only two months old, but when I skip for a week other people stay up late to put me in my place: XHTML Strict!?

You are so far  6.14
Three thousand three hundred kilometers away.
The beautiful people  6.10
If it's on TV it must be real : Venture Capitalists are you friend : The world epidemic doesn't exist : Please help enslave the world
when test=" name()='a' "  6.9
XHTML strict is a non option since it would exclude NS4.x browsers. The sidebar now uses less shim images: zero. Hard-spaces are delivered raw instead of as &#n; escape codes. The <a> tags automagically utilize the external-link tracker.
I dont wanna  6.6
After a certain age, your body reaches a point of stability. The various parts stop growing and begin to slowly decay. You go to the right school, you talk to the right people, you land a life contract for this year's most desirable job, you try to save money. But when the full tax rate kicks in, it dawns on you just how expensive it is. Air, water, food, sewage, storage. Cash flows in; cash flows out; eighty percent goes straight to rent. Convert to a tube. Eighty percent slowly becomes ninety percent. The color charts show me what I don't want to see. A brain in a tube in a rack in a wall. Ninety percent slowly becomes unrealistic. Maintaining rent is simply not possible. The glossy fold-out flyers. The chart with it's pluses and minuses. Hardwired to a holodeck. Even the phone calls from my family are unconvincing. They just sound, different. The pictures of my schoolmates getting older. They just look, flat.

"But what's the difference?" she asked.

I reached out and connected my fingertips with her left temple. Sweeping the hair back, exposing the her ear to the light, barely catching the hair in place. The backs of my fingers slowly trailing off between her chin and her neck. My vision went black, my brain lit up, and my eyes were neither scratchy nor dry.

No more questions.
process_include.xsl  6.4
XSLT didn't want to dynamically include external XML files from inside several other XML files; too bad. It's setup with a separate generic template, and data is transformed multiple times, but the final output is the pudding. News items belong to one or more groups, and are available in the archived using groups as a filter. Almost switched to greymater to manage the data (it is supa-fancy) but it doesn't support everything I want.
Big faces when they fold out  6.3
You can't make Big Money until you have gray hair.
Another day in  6.2
Familiar activities with the same people. Different people. New comments feedback ideas answers knowledge possibilities. Read into the sunrise. Work into the noontime. Loiter through the suntime. Explore into the setting sun. Contemplate into the state of a walking dream and then continue. Time spent well, yet spent. Empty hands turned upwards offering something heaver than air.

Don't sweat the details leaves nothing. Over and over : Watch it take form : Observe the mechanism. Motivation is built from expectations. Expectations are built from possibilities. Possibilities are formed into a large group moving in the same downward direction. You can dance; you can hide; you can't fight the truth. You can't argue against math.

Too tired to sleep. Too hollow to find silence. Echoes.
Barbarians cometh : Reboot.4.0  5.31
Time and time again, barbarians will over-through the unexpecting opressors, seize advanced technologies for themselves, and eventually form a new more advanced empire. Greeks; Romans; Goths; British; Time Warner.

Justin Hall : Dave Winer : Dave Gray : Mark Hurst : Evan Williams : Douglas Rushkoff : I don't just recognize these names, I actually know who these guys are. I recognize some by their face, having seen them speak in person. Hail to the king baby.
The Farce is strong  5.31
If you haven't even watched Pulp Fiction then: (a) You really need to watch it (b) kung fu kenobi's big adventure may confuse you. If you'd rather, just visit New Venue for other movies.
Zilog : Eighty  5.29
For these who are confused by the logo in the top left corner, I present someone else who understands.
innerWidth  5.28
The window size (not screen size) of visitors are logged and aggregated for my own personal amusement. All three of them; on a high traffic day. Another day older and closer to death.
Uber Car  5.28
It's a solid brick with effortless control over the laws of inertia; It is unfairly superior. Regardless of what you tell yourself, you get what you pay for. Ang Lee is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Fallon is a huge advertising agency. BMW builds fine automobiles. Chosen is the five forty immortalized on film.
mWe  5.26
Anonymous song lyrics.
Peter Parker  5.26
If your name is Sony, then you probably spend large amounts of money on a promotional website for your latest movie. (Don't skip the intro; That's the good bit.)
xsl:with-param  5.26
Search box. Archive box. Links page grouped by group/@title and sorted by item/@title. Backend tracking of link click-throughs. xsl:include for uppercase translation. So what?

Anonymous song lyrics.
Paul Simon  5.23
The problem is all inside your head she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be 50 ways ...
Spiritual Machines  5.20
I refuse to buy XLNX stock. They bought the Rex from Franklin and then started selling an inferior version. They recently issued a press release about a new Flash intro on their website. Despite all this brain-dead behavior, Xilinx is still a huge player when it comes to ASIC/FPGA chips; CPUs with re-programmable instruction sets.

Adrian Thompson builds Machines that learn.
w3/1999/XSL/Transform  5.19
Ok fine, there were a few minor issues ... No, you can't un-escape CDATA ... xsl:sort won't work outside a for-each ... MSXML is not very friendly ... Nineteen days past the original due date ...

None-the-less, I finally made the time to implement ye magical XSLT template system in order to split data into months/archives.
theParams.Add "month", "5"
Response.write tfh2transform( _
    "news.xml" , "news.xsl" , theParams )
There is no substitute for superior firepower.
hitchhike  5.17
May 25th is Towel Day in remembrance of Douglas Adams. I've got his books, grew up with the Infocom game, watched the bad television episodes, and am seriously concerned about suddenly dropping dead without warning.
NS6  5.17
Netscape 6 is stupid with images in table cells that are shorter than the current text line-height. I have been forced to spawn a lovely new CSS style/class workaround, appropriately labeled "ns6sucks".
Clutter is bad  5.16
The Best Designs just keeps getting better and better, while I stand and watch from my air-free container. New license plates. 9300K cool white. Six more perfect pieces of chocolate.
Jeffrey Veen  5.15
Good design comes from a deep understanding of the technologies behind the scenes.
Happy Lucky Golden PF790  5.11
[Status] Manifest Pickup
[Scheduled Delivery] May 14, 2001
[Weight] 66.00 Lbs
An X Parrot  5.8
Here's a little tip for you. When you notice you monitor doing anything strange, it's time to start window shopping for a new monitor. I've got three little words for you: buy dot com.
Anime Music Videos  5.7
Big kids at home with DVD rippers and MPEG encoders and lots of free time on their hands tend to produce some very interesting results. Apparently, there's a huge following. See? I'm a fun person.
in dark  5.6
Couldn't sleep. Drove over to see you. Lights still on, but no one was home. Sat on the couch; sat on the floor; stood staring inside the refrigerator. Your ex-boyfriend; the one who carries the gun everywhere. This wasn't apparent until he asked me to leave. Nothing in this room is worth being shot over. Nothing worth being dead over. Where's my book. I'm just wanna get my book out of the kitchen. Pop; Carpet; Crap. No problem. Modern technology; Large metropolitan area. Just call nine one one and talk them into sending help. I know he'll get in trouble, but I'm bleeding down here. That's a lot of blood. What do you mean he can't get in trouble? I don't care, I need some major medical assistance people. Pop. Now he doesn't need a doctor.

I swim through a world of false desire. Watching; Waiting. Eliminate that which is not truth. Scientific process of elimination. Time marches on. Surely. I have clothing sitting in my closet that's never been worn. just sitting. Ah, lovely, stylish ... and then nothing. Repeat. It blinks and has twice as much memory. It's made of solid wood. You can't beat real wood. Vitamin fortified. Shiny yet won't attract fingerprints. Faster. Firmer. It smells like fruit. Always something else to be cast aside. Surely.

A train went past my window. Horn; Horn; Rumble-Rumble; Whoosh. I'm not sure how they drove a train down Live Oak; So pretty. I've often been accused Of being unjustly hollow. They need to look farther. It's not for lack of opportunity, or ability, or readiness. It's for lack of desire as a result of introspection. A desire for what is real. The starting gun drowned out by the ringing in my ears; No direction to run. Making motions. Shaving. Cereal. Charged by the bank for something I didn't do. Staring at the other drivers; Where is he going? What is he doing? Why?

Breathe. More rain.
Dot pitch  5.5
My .25mm Ultra Fine suddenly has a burnt out spot/dot in the middle of the screen. I'm very upset over this. Doesn't this sort of thing only happened to LCD monitors? Wacking the side of the case over and over proved pointless.

You wish you were Valid XHTML 1.0!compliant.
Heartless peppers  5.5
Lonely Meals : one single serving. Inspired by Sybil, but dedicated to Stephanie; she knows why.
in rain  5.5
So I sat out on the balcony patio. It rained. The wind blew. The neighbors across the street came home, and tried to cover their heads to keep their hair dry. They stood on the front steps; smoking. Two small children ran in and out of the doorway, through the smoke; wielding toys. I watched their large screen TV on the second floor, which was showing a talk show. A hairless frog's head in a blue shirt was talking. Occasionally the picture would switch to show a different figure; standing; wearing a grey suit. I'm famous. I did this last week. He said this. She said that. I'm in this new project. Buy a copy. Famous model died in a car. Ass clown in Washington said something and did nothing. Four thousand pounds accelerating from standstill to sixty in 7 seconds is simply not fast enough. Finance rates are lower this week; This car looks pretty.
Tide comes in : Tide goes out.  5.3
So lately, I'm very tired. Strangely, I don't have anything setup to merge/split/sort the XML data. Did I mention that I'm tired?

Stef ... Power Puff Girls meet Hot Topic

Jessica ... I hope she doesn't find out and get upset that I comb through her site and blatantly steal the truth. Ah, storyboards.

Olivia ... Since someone doesn't know who Nick Drake is or what he sounds like, here's the VW comerical that made him re-famous.

Myself ... Occasionally I worry that my morbid humor somehow has a negative effect on my life. Then I wonder exactly how long the day would be with no humor at all.
Monday Morning  4.30
My sleeping schedule is messed up. I managed to accomplish none of the stuff I needed to get done for work. Every piece of clothing I own is still in a pile on the floor. The bottom of my bathtub still scares small children. I'm desperately waiting for my submitted photo to be approved on SparkMatch. I won't name any names, but yes ladies and gentlemen ...

I have indeed had a tragically lovely weekend.
I spend all night working out how to duplicate <NOBR> tricks using CSS so my pathetic website will be completely "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" compliant. I spend all day tracking down how to make use of MSXML's XMLHTTPRequest object to duplicate the <CFHTTP> function using ASP.

Sybil wields bad art to torment you with photos and show you how fondling hot chicks makes for some lovely Kodak moments. You claim that her website hurts your eyes when you look at it, while Sybil steals another 15 minutes of fame thanks to Wrestlemania.

Now I won't name names ... but somebody is a loser.
Mario Savio  4.26
There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop.
Call this number: it's free.  4.25
Known as man of few words  4.24
I refuse to fabricate a new item every single day for the sole purpose of keeping this site "fresh". Stuph appears in the sidebar, information has been assimilated, take it or leave it. (I'm too busy trying to merge and sort multiple separate XML files.)
is on my side ... yes-it-is  4.21
The instruction book that comes with a watch doesn't contain a single paragraph about how to tell time -- just instructions on how to figure out all of the ancillary bells and whistles that "designers" have crammed into the shell... (RCFoC)
My stick can beat up your stick  4.20
I'm not exactly sure why, but I dig the fighting stick figures:
    The "original" stick figure fight
    The newer-yet-still-inspired-by fight
Banner Ads  4.18
Since I continue to put off mastering the XSL magic, I'm fooling with silly banner ad exchange networks. Please ... no laughing.
At least Sybil likes me.  4.16
Armed with what appears to be a large can of FrontPage, Sybil has somehow managed to link to my website, so I just had to link back. :) Since I haven't managed to get the multiple page thing happening yet, and before I get too much text/news on this one main page ... I'm just going to throw the list-of-links on the bottom of the site.
Any To Any. End To End.  4.15
Is your company having an e-dentity crisis? Then you need to utilize the eNormicom Image Bucket Program to eBrand your eWebsite with a swoosh logo.
XML KungFu  4.14
All data is now stored in XML files and transformed into HTML as needed. Nothing looks different. (That's the whole idea) I'm currently using ASP+XMLDOM which is WRONG, and I'll eventually switch to XSLT, so just remain calm.
Style Too?  4.12
New blue header(s) ... more crispy powerful blue ... Stolen right off another website (with some editing) so sue me.
Grindcore Lives!  4.11
If you know what LobsterMagnet rhymes with:
  A) You may be trapped in the 80's.
  B) You know Peter Steel's real name.
  C) You will appreciate this movie..
There ...  4.10
No thanks to the selfish person who refused to be helpful because she was too tired from working all day ... I have a framework for a website that looks slightly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. (It is certainly looks better than Robert's non existent "Tank Art" website.)
 Abe Link In    3.8 
 just keep going , ,,    2.16 
 jodi is jealous    1.13 
 boring snow    1.3 
 project Horus    12.24 
 Eddie Breen    12.23 
 general instructions    12.20 
 less thread    12.8 
 and welcome to you    11.29 
 Gerb Rugge, Hoo    11.18 
 Who Would?    11.13 
 and cons    11.12 
 Damagerating    10.19 
 srand()    10.14 
 EGO MEDIA    9.23 
 The Munkosity    9.23 
 Seven One Eight    9.22 
 Reciprocity    9.8 
 pitaru    8.8 
 no item selected    8.2 
 Fashionable    7.12 
 Carthedral    7.10 
 Role Model    7.4 
 Card 1004    6.23 
 Digital-Kids    6.22 
 Zeldman vs Clango    6.11 
 Collective Exhibition    6.9 
 Serge Danyshevsky    5.28 
 Thirteen Minutes    5.26 
 Vector Park    5.25 
 Dave McKean    5.20 
 SmokymonkeyS    5.20 
 HVY SPRING.01    5.13 
 noah is broken    5.5 
 Ape Killed Ape    5.4 
 Hay man I don't know nothin'    4.27 
 Killology 101    4.24 
 Last Minute Book Reports    4.22 
 JODI.ORG    4.19 
 I'm so goth I crap ash    4.15 
 Perfect Financial Storm?    4.15 
Long term economic insight you won't find on Wall Street.
 Ghetto Scooter    4.12 
 Mr.T vs CATS    4.12 
It all started as a joke between a friend and I who both have a obsession over Mr. T and AYBABTU


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