December, 2004
Ripper all the lonely people O my heart (0)

October, 2004
Memory Washes Away? I'll give you little green men! (1)
Jack Snak attax vaginismus (1)

September, 2004
Art - Hairy babe, Nero ? (1)

August, 2004
War Games' microscopic mess calculate sharks never get my girls (2)

July, 2004
010111101101 into the lamplight ... and the sky opens up. (3)
The beast they said happy birthday flying fists! (4)
False fears addition into fuzzy logic (3)

June, 2004
Scan me color catastrophe, childlike plugged in (5)
Vortex bizzaro tiny cities made of ashes parade on the rain (3)

May, 2004
Fiat Mutans tamper proof all that jazz stingray nodules (9)
Cum be a star weather generator if freedom is money (Something for nothing) (4)

April, 2004
Celebrating latex slow wave brain attack fishweave candleabra (4)
Turn back watercoloring mangrove! Kriss cross the computer kills! (9)

March, 2004
Wacko glamour monkey sims in hell, eye see you factory! (10)
Surreal Stars Yellow Trouser Panic cosmic roughrider lets slip ojstrawberry (7)
Temptation is bio-prison, tumbling boomerang in a daze (9)
Two-faced unexpected candy popart panic (9)
Stressing black box voting evil feline confusing clouds (9)
Liquified mischief port wine wedding, big day patron catching (14)
Conichalcite formation hey, which way? Veggie-critter, don't forget to floss (10)

February, 2004
A tangled web we weave: sticky sticks drown victim, shark food party animal (13)
Fire and ice sick, I am monkey lust on the Cob. (4)
When pigs fly, save the children: Vertigo sneeze echoes a distant gallery (10)
Hollywood Kittenbread's Empty Suit Faceless Walker Award for road safety (7)
Phallic sausage circuitry, player! No human robot party: Orange Circus (10)

January, 2004
I wonder if the bandwagon Britney fears innocence intruder? (3)
Tower firing rounding down beach clutter carapace archipelago (6)
Not even Luck don't expect space stuff cosmic catch (3)
Save it sulphur sacrifice w/ vertical horizon fragments (1)
Stage is Set : Hot Puffin' Dogs' red room thoughts of Monster DNA (6)

December, 2003
games play time transient to an end (3)
Ben Schoun's deep blue see lost in world knock out (5)
Baby food leering parading these words come to mind (7)
Free Flow lameness like rivers /// seagrass (7)
Forest of fantasy: Too much sex from Earth (1)
Childhood drawing like a whore in church: Do a little dance one last gag (5)
Sainted dragon vase timeout into sand (2)
The constellation citrus circuit lessons in orange & random images (8)
Beginning obey or anarchy? Unlike the rest, the other guy wins. (4)
Gimp it up, for flew over no match for a cannibal robed in silica (5)
robot destroyer of amputees, upside-down skyline perpetuating uniformity (7)
Inside joke: A horny breeze passes silhouettes + Miro's stalagmites (3)
Sweet winter goodbyes wishing Pillars Fulvus Rufus internet recipes (4)

November, 2003
Money Soldier w/ chocolate spirits in Cats dance eve of destruction (4)
Season Bubble Beach: Bright and ceremonial torch (9)
Role reversal fool gospel? Fruity. Savor life's flavors! (7)
Out flying fish cakes, heading south for Fame! (3)
Fish to darkness: Walking through time, unlocking potential Nothing (1)
Five aspects I'm lost? keimfrei Blitz! (6)
Pencils never crash digesting pigs for mmmm, bacon. (5)
Find the Red Queen: Alice's flame and random the stakes (6)
Bigmouth Underwater Phaseotorium! Opposite human realm (3)
Etch-a-Simple-Geometry ... K's Revenge, Oh Boy! (2)
Perfection = neon leela bullet trajectories + 8ballTotheMoon! (5)
Evil Faeries reflecting on my trip: Angels of Autumn (6)
Head over heels thorax versus machine footwear (6)
Nightscape flutterby firmware is gearing up to have a hero (10)

October, 2003
Sun and air in my eye: On the range, over the waterfall, hungry hungry hippos (6)
the Visit saw clouds on mars / in outer Space, spiralling down (12)
In my mind? Burning Bush, Piet's Roots, and my Mango Ego (6)
Purge first (effort) be gentle; Buggy-bye garden spider! Slice five is rollin' on chrome; Devilocity mouse nest (cat hair fir) (7)
Sage woman don't know: Handy-bubbles or Bubble-support? (3)
Think I'm alive w/ long-lasting scent! It's all Greek to me, Curtain #4 (1)
Blackbeard's Bear-Fusion(sm) w/ Asian influences Sunreyes (4)
Binary botany lacking sleep: Flight by Lines (0)
Life through the mist and underwater brimstone in Persia (1)
Finite Rainstorm, Rainman Temptation (unoriginal sin) id and anima (1)
Music: Dakota Road (a pox upon Pocky) (9)
Ice pulsing to system failure == ignorance mitosis (5)

September, 2003
Walk to the Moon - Another day at the Secret Factory (2)
Phenomenology (Rocket Knot ) Wop-A-Din-Din-Digital Afterbirth (3)
Cadavre - Forest for the Trees on the Foothills (4)
Best Habits Circum France = aquiver / inward / outward (3)
Hand of God, Don't do it Alice! Red-and-blue Tuinal. Lipstick-red Seconals. (8)

August, 2003
Soft and Shiny Map Vamp (0)
Click Me Slice 2 Watership Down (1)
Dada Smoke Angles Are Singing Much Horribly Worse (0)

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